Call of the wild

Get out of the gym and in to life!
Train like never before. Our back to basic training is unlike any other exercise routine. Based on and around primal training techniques we will push you past your known boundaries to achieve maximum performance.

Seeing is Believing / Doing is Achieving:
Our morning is split up to test your stamina, strength and aerobic performance, it encompasses alternative aspects of fitness training and targets all major muscle groups.
Train with Affinity Wellbeing and you will not only get the body shape you desire, but you will become stronger, faster, fitter, more agile, co-ordinated and flexible.

The morning will encompass primal training techniques/circuits/relays/kettlebells/rope/tyres/logs and more!

Start your journey against the elements today.

9:00am – 11:00am
Saturday May 7th 2011
St Mary’s Church, Frome
£10.00 in advance, call 07513 376 288
or email to book your space now!

Our Classes!

We stay clear of typical run of the mill classes you will find in your high street gym or sports hall. Instead choosing to focus on primal training techniques for strength, conditioning and wellbeing. Our classes are constantly varied and high intensity. We get results and you won’t look back. Some say we’re a warrior factory while others just smile at their reflection knowing they’re achieving their goal sets ;) The most important factor is our classes are FUN!


Thank you!

Waists are slimming while Affinity Wellbeing’s growing. In the last 9 months we have gone from offering personal training to services to launching Kettlebell Bootcamp classes, expanding these to the Swingers Club and now looking to the future with Call of the Wild soon to be launched upon our small world.

Times couldn’t be anymore exciting and we’re glad to be sharing them with you! Thanks to everyone who has supported us and helped us grow over the months. Just like our classes it’s full steam ahead and we have more exciting plans coming up.

With Affinity you can look forward to a summer where you’ve never felt or looked better. Just need that little bit of determination and our helping hand.

Kettlebell Bootcamp!

Bootcamp 8 sessions over 4 weeks. Guarenteed results!


• Nutrition Plan & Advice
• Out of Class Exercise Routine
• Support & EncouragementOnly £35.00!
• Progress chart

or £5.00 PER session (Swingers Club) TASTER ONLY SESSION £3.00!
Monday’s & Friday’s 6.30–7.30pm

St Mary’s Church Hall, Frome
Booking essential!! LIMITED SPACES
Contact NOW!!