12 days of Christmas Bootcamp

The “12 days of Christmas” Bootcamp 14.12.12 6:30-8:30PM

The “12 days of Christmas” bootcamp is a FUN packed 2hr festive inspired training session designed to help earn you your 12 days of Christmas. It includes a variety of festive challenges and a 12 day inspired meltdown and surprises. As usual with Affinity expect the unexpected but know your going to be pushed past your known boundaries to achieve maximum performance or strength, conditioning, vitality and wellbeing.

Catering to all fitness levels training with Affinity will not only get you the body shape you desire, but you will also become stronger, faster, fitter, more agile, co-ordinated and flexible.

Reserve your space now to get your festive head gear. £10 in advance. Spaces are limited and go fast, register your interest now via facebook or email info@affinitywellbeing.com