At Affinity we believe in giving our community every opportunity to further better and develop themselves. We understand some people would like to train more, and others would like alternate days, so we will be launching new KBX classes soon, including ‘X-SERIES’ an advanced session focusing on technique, form, strength and power like never before.

The first new KBX (Kettlebell X-Train) session will be at 6:30pm Thursday August 15th at St Mary’s hall and grounds, Frome. Reserve your space now! There will also be new classes running on Tuesday and Friday day times where demand is wanted, and sessions before 9:00am weekdays. If you have specific times you would like please get in touch and we will do our best to meet them.

We will also be launching the Affinity ‘Wild Card’ a monthly membership scheme which will allow you to come to as many KBX sessions as you so wish, one ‘Call Of The Wild’ and one ‘Run Of The Wild’ per month, plus a few other perks!



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