It’s our birthday, and what a journey it has been #Frome

From humble beginnings with two dedicated followers, we’ve grown into a collective of more than 100, meeting so many awesome people along the way. You have all helped to shape and mould Affinity. That name ‘Affinity’ sums it all up for us. It’s the bond between each and every one of you that binds us.

Our philosophy has always been to transition a fitness company into a completely new adventure, celebrating health and wellness, and real achievement for all brave enough to dare. To open up your eyes to what you are capable of, and inspire you to challenge yourself in ways you never would have thought possible, and in turn lead a better life.

The last three years have been one wild ride. A huge thanks to each and everyone of you; whether you have been to a training session, follow us on a social network, or watched with enjoyment from afar. Thank you. Here’s to the next one, to X-SERIES and Survival and a whole host of new ideas that we’ll be introducing to the familia soon.

Train Hard, Take Risks, Make Friends, Live Life.

This is Affinity.

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