Technical Vests

Tomorrow will be you last chance to place an order for our Technical Vests!

We have a small and large sample in for people to try if they are unsure about which size to order. If you wish to have one we’ll need payment upfront (£24), please note it’s unlikely we will have any spares too. They can take up 8 weeks to come through, but hopefully quicker!

***Note these won’t replace our standard vests/tees we sell for £15, so these will still be available***

The Technical Vests will feature a different back tag to the standard vests and tees, and side panel as shown in the attached picture.

These are sublimation printed run vests of the highest quality to help your body stay drier longer when you’re out running or any training for that matter. The print sits inside the actual fabric to make the vest as breathable as possible.1980118_612733335474959_2112467388_o