Seminar on Functional Fitness, January 7th 20:35pm @ The Den #Frome

As 2015 dawns we look to the new year as a chance to expand our ever growing portfolio, and have some exciting plans lined up for the future of Affinity. To start it all off we will be holding a series of seminars at ‘The Den’ that will help you to optimize your training. Our plan is to help you to understand the method behind our training, and in turn inspire you to train harder, push yourself further and most importantly remain injury free.

The Theme of our first seminar is ‘Functional Fitness’ and will be hosted by ‘Body In Motion Rehab’.

The seminar will talk about the importance of core strength, flexibility and Pilates in functional fitness. We will cover general training principals that will help you to get the most out of your training and to reduce the risk of injury. Topics covered include:

Core Strength and Stability
• We will talk about what the ‘core’ is
• Principals that define a strong and stable core
• Why a strong core is important
• The importance of both posture and breathing

• The seminar will cover the mechanics of Stretching.
• We will talk about what happens at a physiological level when we stretch
• The role of the central nervous system
• Types of stretching
• When to stretch
• We will demonstrate correct stretching technique
• The efficient way to use a foam roller on the IT band

• The role of Pilates and functional movement
• Benefits of Pilates in functional movement, core and flexibility

General training principals
• What are considered the general principals of training
• Overload and progressive overload
• How to optimize your training

This seminar is not to be missed, if you take your training seriously and are looking to step it up another gear this year it is for you, if you want to remain injury free it is for you, if you simply want to learn more about the biomechanics of how your body works and how you can maximize its full potential this is for you. Spaces are limited, the seminar is FREE, we just ask anyone that reserves a place does so knowing they will attend 🙂