The Iron Wolf

The Iron Wolf

At Affinity we train athletes, we train professionals, we train individuals. The common thread binding our members has always been will to suffer, to throw former selves on the fire, to overcome and to change.

For some of these individuals fitness can mean the difference between life and death, for others it’s the decision between a life well lived and a life squandered. Our objective is functional fitness, and not merely the appearance of fitness – actual capacity strengthens confidence, a facade is merely physical.

We embrace traditional ideas, and continue to create and implement new ones. We’re experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our fields.

The training can be painful, there are no short cuts. Our culture, dedicated to the art of suffering, is both safety net and inspiration. We get results.

Over the last 5 years we’ve built a community of individuals that are prepared to constantly better themselves, push harder, faster, further than they ever have done before. The communal aspect of Affinity has been a key component to why our training is so effective and each and everyone of you has inspired others to do the same, and take their first nervous step into hell. For that we salute you.

Now the time has come for us to test your absolute limits using meaningful and measurable means. This year we will be hosting/taking part in numerous ‘Iron Wolf’ events/bootcamps/runs/comps/weekenders. The Summer and Winter ‘Body Beasts’ will give you the opportunity to firmly establish your determination with our new Body Composition Monitor should you wish to do so.

By the year end, at our ‘Pack Awards Ceremony’ our hope is to form what will be our first team ‘Iron Wolf’. A set of individuals who truly define the definition of fitness, health and in turn wellbeing. In doing so the ‘Iron Wolf’ will receive special recognition, and the opportunity to wear exclusive Affinity ‘Iron Wolf’ attire.

This journey will be no walk in the park, every individual will be expected to nail technique, perform as prescribed at any ‘Iron Wolf’ session/event, and have a faultless attendance record within reason. We will be posting details regarding our first ‘Iron Wolf’ event in due course. For those that take part… you’re in for the fittest year of your lives.


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