New CrossFit UVA Intro Date August 8th

CrossFit UVA Intro Course 5 will be August 8th 8:00am – 2:30pm and is £75. The Intro courses have been an amazing success and as we were unable to give enough spaces to existing members, we will honour anyone wishing to take part on this course another opportunity to either pay £25 (if you’re an existing Wild Card Member) or £75 including a free Wild Card to pay as you go members.

By July 4th we will have 90 CrossFit UVA members, to cater for this number come the end of September all evening Assault sessions will change to a CrossFit UVA sessions. We can’t understate enough how great these classes will be or the importance of the intro to benefit your training, and i’m sure everyone who has been on the intros will say how much they’re looking forward to it all starting. CrossFit is for everyone, the intro course will aid you in all of our training sessions including KBX. Don’t be put off with the thought of heavy weights, muscle ups, or bar pulls to name a few… everything is scalable and everything is possible! We can’t understate enough how much you’ll be missing out on it if you don’t take part in the course! The way you view and use the Open Gym will even make more sense and can be easily factored into your routine. For more details please follow the link below. Any questions just shout!

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