Body Beast Voting & Photos are up on FB!

Body Beast Summer 2015 Final Submissions and Voting

Sometimes it feels all to easy to throw around words like “Epic”, “Legends”, and “Awesome” at Affinity but then someone smashes a PB, throws themselves headfirst at an event thats totally out of their comfort zones, or in this case takes part in a journey that has life changing consequences.

Wellness isn’t just about getting the perfect body you desire on the outside, but within too. Body Beast was designed to not only motivate you, but to help you achieve your own realistic goals. Although we have an overall winner for Body Beast, the reality is that everyone who has taken part, and done so seriously has reaped the rewards. 

We’ve long believed “diets” are fads, and wanted to prove that with common sense eating, hard training, a dash of inspiration, a few insane challenges, and a community of people with like minded goal sets, massive changes are possible in a short period of time.

Body Beast doesn’t end today, and will be back later this year. For now, please check out the 29/80 “epic, awesome, legends” brave enough to submit their results for the world to see, and take your time to read their synopsis’ smile emoticon Some started 14 weeks ago, and some only 7. To vote simply message us with 3 names, in no particular order, who you would like to see win, before 22:00pm Wednesday 8th July. The winner will be announced July 19th at our Summer Party!

A massive well done to everyone that was part of Body Beast!

Voting and Photos: