A great mini blog of Alex’s first year at Affinity is something that should inspire anyone that takes 5 minutes to read it :)

My Affinity 12 Month Journey
On Friday 18th July 2014, I nervously turned up to my first ever Kettlebell class with Affinity. I’d read all the stuff on the website about ‘making your goals and dreams a reality’ and ‘we are a results based club’. Could it really be true?

I was handed a 8kg kettlebell and told ‘take breaks when you need to’. Honestly, I was out of breath in the 5 min warm up, I struggled with technique on pretty much all of the exercises, the pace was fast but I gave it the best I could.

Paul said to me after that the class ‘You did good, you’ll be back, yeah? Stick at it, things will get easier’

During the first 4 weeks, I attempted my first Run of the Wild with Affinity, I wasn’t sure about doing it but after going on a run with some longer standing members (Thanks to Wayne & Sarah), they convinced me that I would probably have the fitness to do it. I was at the back for the entire run but the team and ‘no one left behind’ spirit was evident and boosted my confidence.

Over the first 8 weeks, I undertook 2 – 3 classes a week. They were incredibly tough, I ached, I was sore for days, but I was determined to stick at it. In just 2 months my fitness had definitely improved. As I’d started running again and my times had got quicker over the short 2 – 3 miles, I’d started doing.

I saw more and more improvements in my body shape and fitness as the weeks went by. I upped the weight to 10kg and then by Christmas I was swinging a 12kg and using a 16kg for some exercises.

Affinity were definitely living up their promises.

I made some fitness related New Year’s resolutions which were to complete Rat Race Dirty Weekend (World’s Largest Obstacle Course 20 miles, 200 obstacles), complete a half marathon, get my weight below 14st and to complete the monkey bars and get up the rope in The Den.
These were goals that I believed I could achieve given the infectious positivity that flows through Affinity.

The training started in January for Dirty Weekend in May, I upped my classes to 4 a week, and tried to get out running once a week (4 – 8 miles steady pace). Over the weeks, my fitness dramatically improved and during classes was pushing limits. All the training paid off when I finished Dirty Weekend with Team Affinity, this was completed in the same ‘no one left behind’ spirit and for me was such an achievement.

It really spurred me on to set my next challenges.

I took part in Body Beast, that started at the end of March, this brought focus to areas of my life that I had previously neglected i.e. drinking more water, changing food habits. By the end of Body Beast, I have achieved the weight goal and the rope climb.

On Sunday 5th July, I undertook the Run of the Wild , this was the same route as my first ever, but this time it was a very different experience. The route seemed shorter, the challenges easier, the hills not as steep and I was near the front for the majority of the run.

What a difference 12 months can make.

Paul and Kat are two very special people who have honestly changed my life for the better, not only in a physical sense but also have influenced so many other areas. I cannot Thank You them enough for what they have done for me.

In summary, it’s not just words on their website or a sales pitch, it’s the absolute truth and from my journey so far you can not dispute, Affinity are ‘a results based club.’


Body Beast Voting & Photos are up on FB!

Body Beast Summer 2015 Final Submissions and Voting

Sometimes it feels all to easy to throw around words like “Epic”, “Legends”, and “Awesome” at Affinity but then someone smashes a PB, throws themselves headfirst at an event thats totally out of their comfort zones, or in this case takes part in a journey that has life changing consequences.

Wellness isn’t just about getting the perfect body you desire on the outside, but within too. Body Beast was designed to not only motivate you, but to help you achieve your own realistic goals. Although we have an overall winner for Body Beast, the reality is that everyone who has taken part, and done so seriously has reaped the rewards. 

We’ve long believed “diets” are fads, and wanted to prove that with common sense eating, hard training, a dash of inspiration, a few insane challenges, and a community of people with like minded goal sets, massive changes are possible in a short period of time.

Body Beast doesn’t end today, and will be back later this year. For now, please check out the 29/80 “epic, awesome, legends” brave enough to submit their results for the world to see, and take your time to read their synopsis’ smile emoticon Some started 14 weeks ago, and some only 7. To vote simply message us with 3 names, in no particular order, who you would like to see win, before 22:00pm Wednesday 8th July. The winner will be announced July 19th at our Summer Party!

A massive well done to everyone that was part of Body Beast!

Voting and Photos: