Celebrating 5 years!

The Den’ is celebrating it’s first year, and Affinity it’s fifth year this week, but we’re holding back on our celebrating this until our new premises is ready for launch! It’s crazy how far our journey has taken us. From a Ford KA overloaded with Kettlebells, and training in a Church hall, to the opening of our second premises in the next few months. As we’ve grown, so has our community and the bond between them.

Each year we’ve worked hard to challenge the status quo. We approach and think things differently. From ‘The Call Of The Wild’, to the ‘Run Of The Wild’, epic weekend adventures like ‘AWOL’ all our training sessions, and now ‘Body Beast’ we aim to inspire, and change you forever.

Affinity has, and always will be for all, with CrossFit Kids UVA launching soon this couldn’t ring more true. The next year is looking to be our biggest and best yet. If you’re on the outside looking in, don’t be scared to give us a call or drop by, what you’ll meet is the biggest group of supportive individuals that we couldn’t be more proud to call friends. Life is short, let us help you live it to the best of your abilities.

A massive thanks to everyone who has been part of our journey, and helped shape us, no matter how big or small.

Heres the ‘AWOL’ version of the first video we ever made, rough as around the edges, but still helps to convey what Affinity is about, and always will be.


Body Beast Winter 2016 launches this Monday!


Body Beast Winter 2016

“Hard work never ends”

Every time we surrender to convenience we lose that which helps to define us as human beings. Prepare to be inspired…

Body Beast shapes lives, increases fitness levels, hones life skills, reverses health issues, changes self perception, teaches wellness, builds community, and leads to life long health benefits in a world where we’re fast seeing decline.

Wellness isn’t about getting the perfect body you desire on the outside, but within too. You can forget about “fad diets”, and poorly structured training programmes, with Body Beast you will get the results you want, with the help of us, and one awesome shared community.

Throughout the 10 weeks you’ll be part of a private Facebook Group where we share advice/give daily tips/provide nutritional information/offer help & support, and run weekly challenges. It will be a community to share pictures, achievements, recipes and anything else you may find relevant that no one else other than those in the group will see.

This season midterm we’ll also be hosting (with you) a Body Beast Banquet, and Quiz night for everyone to take part in!

There is 1 tier of entry, giving you an in-depth recorded analysis at the start and end of Body Beast, of your body fat percentage, lean body weight, visceral fat (that within the body stored around vital organs), skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, BMI, body measurements and weight. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in a series of fitness tests, and to note your progression over the duration of it.

Sign up at your next session! Body is £15, with £5 of it going into a kitty for the Winter 2015 Body Beast winner. The finalists will be set by us, and the winner will be chosen via a public vote and announced at our Christmas Party (Week 1 and Week 10 photos are essential for a chance of winning).


• Lose weight

• Blitz fat

• Gain muscle

• Get ripped

• Develop a 6 pack

• Increase your strength

• Develop a greater understanding of nutrition

Body Beast has been designed to not only motivate you, but to help you achieve your own realistic goals.

During the 10 weeks you can use our closed group page. There will be weekly challenges, questions, nutritional information, support and encouragement from us and other members too.

You do not need to do anything that will embarrass you – we are all helping each other, photos can be taken however you like (fully clothed or in your swim wear). There are no set times / sessions a week you must attend, but you must come to regular sessions at least once or more weekly (exceptional circumstances obviously allowed).