Celebrating 5 years!

The Den’ is celebrating it’s first year, and Affinity it’s fifth year this week, but we’re holding back on our celebrating this until our new premises is ready for launch! It’s crazy how far our journey has taken us. From a Ford KA overloaded with Kettlebells, and training in a Church hall, to the opening of our second premises in the next few months. As we’ve grown, so has our community and the bond between them.

Each year we’ve worked hard to challenge the status quo. We approach and think things differently. From ‘The Call Of The Wild’, to the ‘Run Of The Wild’, epic weekend adventures like ‘AWOL’ all our training sessions, and now ‘Body Beast’ we aim to inspire, and change you forever.

Affinity has, and always will be for all, with CrossFit Kids UVA launching soon this couldn’t ring more true. The next year is looking to be our biggest and best yet. If you’re on the outside looking in, don’t be scared to give us a call or drop by, what you’ll meet is the biggest group of supportive individuals that we couldn’t be more proud to call friends. Life is short, let us help you live it to the best of your abilities.

A massive thanks to everyone who has been part of our journey, and helped shape us, no matter how big or small.

Heres the ‘AWOL’ version of the first video we ever made, rough as around the edges, but still helps to convey what Affinity is about, and always will be.


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