DEKA discount for all our members!

Mud x sweat x gear is your new, local, independent, family run, specialist running store in the heart of Frome.
We’re proud to announce that DEKA will offer all ‘Wild Card’ Members a 10% discount, and if you sign up to their loyalty program in store a further 5% discount. So effectively 15% off!
You can join their loyalty scheme when you buy anything in store, it takes 1 minute, no card or anything, just tell them your name and email.
Then show your ‘Wild Card’ for the full discount and you get added to the group “Affinity”.
As part of their launch promo check out their event tomorrow evening where they have 50% off a lot of kit but it won’t be reduced in store. Details in image attached!
Also ‘like’ their page below! Exciting times for everyone in Frome, especially us!

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