Messages like this melt our heart…

Messages like this melt our heart.
“I’ve just had the strangest 2 weeks of my life emotionally!! I never talk about this normally but I was at Hillsborough. For the last 2 weeks I’ve experienced pure joy that the truth is out to raging anger (I’ve been a delight to be around). Today I met up with a friend who lost a loved one there and they are struggling so much. Why am I posting this here… Because I’m OK now, I’m through the other side, they’re not. The difference, they don’t have the den to go to, a kbx class gives you a chance to get your anger out, it’s impossible to be sad when skipping. They don’t have body beast, so they don’t have something else to focus on, they’re not looking after themselves. I honestly believe if it wasn’t for affinity and body beast my strange 2 weeks would have been 100 times worse!! So thank you.
My attitude today, I may not be able to 1000 consecutive burpees now, but I’m a scouser and it’s now proven we can do anything, however long it takes!! 😉
I’ve not done justice to what I want to say but affinity has made such a difference to dealing with this and I’ll never forget that.”