Our next CrossFit UVA introduction evening is June 30th! #frome

Our next CrossFit UVA fundamentals evening is June 30th June at 6:00pm Frome, the cost of this course is £50. This introduction will be limited in numbers and will last until 9:00pm latest. Money is payable in advance to secure your space.

There is an option to pay £77.50 which secures a 2 week ‘Wild Card’ with us allowing unlimited sessions with us, for any of our classes from your course date. The 2 week ‘Wild Card’ option is only available as part of this course and can not be purchased after. A ‘Wild Card’ is £55 and lasts for 4 weeks allowing access to all of our training sessions. This can be purchased at any time.

Full information can be found here: https://affinitywellbeing.wordpress.com/classes/crossfit-uva-until-victory-always/

Please email us at info@affinitywellbeing.com for more information