Affinity Wellbeing Presents: Body Beast Fall 2017

Every time we surrender to convenience we lose that which helps to define us as human beings. Prepare to be inspired…

Body Beast shapes lives, increases fitness levels, hones life skills, reverses health issues, changes self perception, teaches wellness, builds community, and leads to life long health benefits in a society where we’re fast seeing decline.

Wellness isn’t just about getting the perfect body you desire on the outside, but within too. You can forget about “fad diets”, and poorly structured training programmes, with Body Beast you will get the results you want, with the help of us, and one awesome shared community.

This Fall Body Beast will run over a 6 weeks, we’ll help you define your goals at the start and then over the duration of this period, with a series of new challenges, fresh ideas and awesome encouragement from the community you’ll smash them.


• Lose weight

• Blitz fat

• Gain muscle mass

• Get ripped

• Develop a 6 pack

• Increase your strength

• Develop a greater understanding of nutrition

• Fight disease

WHAT:  Body Beast: A 6 week nutrition and performance challenge.


HOW: An in-depth Measurement and Body Analysis will be done at the start of the challenge, including a list of optional performance tests to establish baseline data. You’ll then follow strict parameters (as best you can) from our pdf guide, and then evaluate the impact of the challenge by reassessing all data at the end. We’ll just need your height in cm’s and age once you’ve booked in.

HOW MUCH: Price £15 members (existing PAYG and Wild Card Holders), £65 non members which includes a 4 week Wild Card for unlimited sessions with us.

WHEN: Monday, October 2nd through November 12th. Sign up now, and we’ll add you to our private group where you’ll be able to sign up for your measurements and body analysis in the coming week.

WHY: To be better at life… Making the right changes and choices for you, and your family.

CONTACT: or via Facebook Messenger for more information