Body Beast Autumn Winter 2017 winner!

“Hard work never ends”

Body Beast shapes lives, increases fitness levels, hones life skills, reverses health issues, changes self perception, teaches wellness, builds community, and leads to life long health benefits in a world where we’re fast seeing decline.

Every time we surrender to convenience we lose that which helps to define us as human beings. Prepare to be inspired…

This seasons Body Beast “winners” were everyone that took part, but as ever we put those that were happy to share their photos to the public vote for an overall winner of it. In only 6 weeks we were blown away with their results.

It couldn’t have been more a close call between Ben Keates and Jojo Knight, but with only 2 votes between them Jojo has taken victory and earned herself a pretty awesome prize – get in touch with us Jo! A massive well done.

Wellness isn’t about getting the perfect body you desire on the outside, but within too. You can forget about “fad diets”, and poorly structured training programmes, with Affinity Wellbeing and through Body Beast you will get the results you want. Affinity is merely ‘the spark’, our community is the roaring fire that keeps us going with our endless endeavour to become the number one training facility around.

If you want to become part of the next, it’s happening this January so get in touch! Until then, until victory always!

A small video of previous participants can be seen here:

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