About Us

We are a 2 times Award Winning (2016 Outdoor Fitness Instructors of the Year, and UK Enterprise Awards – Best Functional Fitness Centre 2022) Fitness and events company based in Frome, we run two custom built training facilities ‘UVA’ which are home of CrossFit UVA and CrossFit Kids UVA. We also use the massive outdoor space we have access to.

We train athletes. We train professionals. We train individuals. The common thread binding our members is will to suffer, to throw former selves on the fire, to overcome and to change.

For some individuals fitness can mean the difference between life and death. For others it’s the decision between a life well lived and a life squandered. Our objective is functional fitness, and not merely the appearance of fitness – actual capacity strengthens confidence, a facade is merely physical. 

We embrace traditional ideas, and continue to create and implement new ones. We’re experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our fields.

The training can be painful. There are no short cuts. Our culture, dedicated to the art of suffering, is both safety net and inspiration. No matter you age, or  ability, we get results. 

Whatever we do, whatever it takes, whatever makes us tick, one thing’s always true: it’s better to do it with people who lift us higher. 

As a business we continue to seek community, like-minded individuals, friends – who are prepared to train hard and take risks. To throw former selves on the fire, to overcome and to change. It’s part of what makes us human. We need members we can relate to.

No matter what language you speak, how old you are, or how long you’ve been training or not, everyone is always welcome at Affinity, and it’s because you share that same passion for life: regardless of what you do and how you do it, that our fire burns. 

We’re all looking for our own collective, somewhere to fit in. Our commitment is to inspire and connect like minded individuals from in and around Frome. In sessions, at events, at parties, online and offline, in the digital realm and into the wild. All year-round, at every given opportunity our promise to you is we will continue to move forward and grow.

We’re experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our fields, but without a backbone we are nothing… Over the last 10+ years we have built a community we are interdependent with. In union we rise.

We are more than just a gym.




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