About Us

We are an Award Winning Gym (National Outdoor Community Fitness 2016) based in Frome, and host our training sessions in our  2 custom built facilities ‘The Den’ (home of CrossFit UVA and CrossFit Kids UVA), which features a 20m long monkey bar section with varying heights throughout, a 5 X 6 metre rope climbs and various lifting platforms, rigs, racks, and training devises throughout. We also use the 2 outdoor spaces we have as often as we can too!

‘The Den’
Theres a common misunderstanding that Form follows Function, but Form and Function should be one, joined in union. When designing ‘The Den’ it was important to us to find a company that we worked with, that shared the same vision. That we found Full Metal Industries was a godsend. They’ve not only helped build 2 gyms that function well, they also look awesome too. Check out the photos below and let it be your ‘spark’!Testimonial from Full Metal Industries: “From concept to reality… The Den by Affinity Wellbeing. The Den features 2 very, very custom rigs that crosses 3 walls over their 2 premises. This provide 9 x squat stations, 30 pull up/muscle up stations, 15 gym ring sections. A lifting platform and a MASSIVE 20 metre run of up, down, monkey bars. The monkey bars include 90 and 180 degree turns. Also in the gym are 7 benches, dip bars, competition Bench press and all sorts of bars and strongman gear. It’s very rare to meet a client like Affinity Wellbeing. Affinity offers something truly unique. If you want a master class on how to interact with your members and generate team spirit, follow Affinity.It has been a pleasure and an honour working with you.”Interview with Fitness Review: http://fitnessreview.co.uk/fitness-pro-interview-paul-roffey-affinity-wellbeing/














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