The Run Of The Wild

10K, 10 Challenges, NO ONE LEFT BEHIND.

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Catering to ALL FITNESS LEVELS we will push you past your known boundaries to achieve maximum performance for strength, conditioning, vitality and wellbeing.

Our run is split up to test your stamina, strength and aerobic performance, it encompasses alternative aspects of fitness training and targets all major muscle groups and is FUN!

We embrace traditional ideas, and continue to create and implement new ones. The training can be painful, there are no short cuts, but our culture dedicated to the art of suffering is both safety net and inspiration. We get results.

By training with Affinity, you will blitz up to 1200 calories per hour, increase strength, stamina and flexibility, boost power and performance, get ripped and get toned.

Reserve your space now. £10 in advance payment. Spaces are limited, register your interest now via facebook or email

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