The Open Gym

The use of the open gym. 


We offer our members the opportunity to practise in our open gym sessions. You can use the open gym to work on your weaknesses, develop your strength, improve on skills, or to tackle a ‘WOD’ (CrossFit Work Out of the Day).

These sessions will not be coached, but our coaches will be around to offer advice. Open gym hours of operation will be ideal times to visit ‘The Den’, catch a glimpse of a others at work, and chat with other members of our community.

To use the open gym and to take part in the “WOD” available, you will be required to have completed a CrossFit Introduction course with us, please see relevant our “CrossFit” page. The use of the open gym is then £7, as a pay as you go option or free to Wild Card Members. Please note, for the use of The Open Gym it requires you to message us either via email, facebook or text/call prior to turning up.
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