Senior Strong and the Future…

Times are changing. We couldn’t be more excited about our not to distant future as well as our plans in to 2019.
With a new series of training sessions we’ll soon be introducing throughout the day, as well as a new member of our team, things can only get better for our community and our further reach into health and wellness in Frome as a whole. We look forward to taking you and your families on this jounrey with us.
Health and Wellness for 65+.

As we age there are many reasons why we slow down and become more sedentary. This can be due to health and weight issues, aches and pains or maybe you think exercise isn’t for you.
Keeping active is more important than ever as you become older. Regular exercise is good for mind and body no matter what age you are.
‘Senior Strong’ will help boost your energy, increase your strength, help manage weight, decrease those aches and pains, and provide opportunities for social interaction, meeting and making new friends in a welcoming and supportive environment. You’ll not only thrive physically, but mentally too in a way only Affinity does best.
Each session will focus on cardiovascular, strength, endurance and balance exercise. All of our ‘Senior strong classes can be adapted for most abilities and needs. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.
The purpose of why we do, what we do and how we do it, is to inspire you and make your dreams and goals a reality. It’s that simple, no matter who you are or how old you may be!

Until Victory Always


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The Lock In Special

Over the last 8 years Affinity has strived to create the best training facility around. This Summer sees our biggest investment back in to Affinity since launching our second premises just over 3 years ago.
As such we’re hosting a “Lock In” Special for all current members. It’s your chance to take part in a series of challenges with our new equipment, before we advance our programming again over the coming weeks and months, as well as a whole suite of new and exciting events.
Theres no better time to train at Affinity than now. We couldn’t want for a better ever growing community, space to train, or town to host us. The future is looking bright. #untilvictoryalways
 the lock in

£9264.55 raised for Lisas Army Uk!

Our final total is in for Lisa Wells Army UK, made through our Auction and ‘Lock In’ Special 😍 An additional £243.23 over what we first thought we had raised. Thanks to everyone that donated, took part or gave up their time to make these events possible. An extra special shout out to Sarah for being one determined little beaver, helping us to pull it all together. You’re a star 😘LISA WELLfinal

There is NO SECRET in becoming the best version of you. #frome

As another Body Beast comes to a close it’s time to reflect on how we have changed peoples lives in the last 8 years. As ever we’ve always been the spark in everyone’s journey, but there can be NO VICTORY, WITHOUT SACRIFICE. It’s about how much YOU want it, how hard YOU keep trying, and what YOU are willing to give up.

There is NO SECRET in becoming the best version of you. Just hard work, dedication and SELF RESTRAINT. There’s no miracle formula.

Some want fast gains and choose the easy way out to build muscle and use steroids which is part of their gym culture, it’s not ours. Some gyms are forever following fitness fads and diets too. We won’t.

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.

We teach you how to fuel your body correctly, so that it can reach its full potential, and you can best avoid disease to prolong life. We programme proven training protocols, and give you positive affirmation, undivided support and encouragement. We are a great coaching facility that always has your end goals in mind and hope in turn you inspire others.

If you want to be the best, you have to be prepared to fight the hardest and give up the most. Take a risk, step out of your comfort zone, listen and learn. That’s how winning is done and what separates those with the biggest changes to those with the least.

We understand each individual is unique with varying lifestyles, bodies and goal sets, and there is always an option to suit you no matter what your fitness levels are or age is.

We’re heavily investing back into Affinity and Body Beast ready for Summer 2018, and can’t wait to share exactly what this is with you soon.

Attached are just a random few of our success stories 🙂




Our Lisa Wells Auction is now live!

Our Auction page is now live, please share far and wide. Full details on how to bid below. The Auction Lots album has many more items to be added to it 🙂
Affinity Wellbeing Presents: The Lisa Wells Auction, for Lisa a member of Affinity and young mum from Frome, who was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer 5 weeks after giving birth to her second baby. Her children are 5 years and 14 weeks old and all money raised will go straight to them for their future.
Bidding is available until 8pm on Sunday 11 Feb 2018. Simply comment on a LOT with your bidding amount. The highest bidder at 8pm will win that LOT. All donations will need to be paid in CASH (please note change will not be available) and collections have been arranged for Tuesday 13th Feb between 4pm – 6pm and Friday 16th Feb from 4pm – 8.30pm from The Den, Keyford Court, Manor Furlong, Frome BA11 4BD. If you have any issues with payment or collection, or any other questions please contact Sarah Fraser via Facebook email or 07837514063
Lots will be added all week to the Auction Lots album in the group page! If you have something to donate please contact us, all donations will be greatly received!
Thanks to those that have donated to us to make this possible, and to everyone that shares this event and takes part. 😊