Personal Training Options

Personal Training is about having someone encouraging, motivating & supporting you along your pathway to a positive more healthier you! As your Personal Trainer we will give you motivation, commitment and experience fitting your training into your lifestyle, making sure we achieve your own personal goals.

We provide programmes to reflect individual goals and personalities turning your good intentions into reality.

Through consultation, we help you identify your ultimate fitness goal and make reaching it fun. We will safely guide you through your journey towards your goal, developing progressive objectives and step-by-step weekly plans, which will address key areas.

Whatever your individual requirements are we will design a customised program to help you achieve a healthy, balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

You will train with a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer who is also a  specialist in Obesity and  Diabetes. We do not offer single session prices. We know from experience that if you’re not committed to 5 sessions or more you’ll learn nothing and go away doing the exercises incorrectly, possibly causing injury and get zero results. Get in touch to discuss something that best suits you and your needs.


5 sessions: £125

10 sessions: £216

15 sessions: £312

(30 minute sessions – please contact for hour prices)


We understand some people have no interest in dietary advice, progress charts, and measurements, simply wanting to be coached/trained on a one-on-one/small group basis for strength and conditioning, or developing/honing skills.


One session: £25 (30 minute sessions- please contact for hour prices)

5 sessions: £125

10 sessions: £216

15 sessions: £312

*Please note all Personal Training and Private Coaching Packages are non-refundable or transferable, and are to be taken consecutively unless stated otherwise on first booking. Missed or cancelled sessions within a 24 hour period shall be accounted for.

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