It is too easy for us all to be consumed by everyday living. Materialistic values hurt both us and our environment. It’s easy to let everyday pass by, instead exploring the world through a smart phone, TV or computer. But what if we were stripped of technology? What if we were presented with a journey of discovery where nothing mattered to you but those around you and the simple need to survive. What if you could understand what it really means to live? It’s time to open your eyes.

Welcome to Survival: an awe-inspiring way to experience the wild.

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Discover, unite, rise above and overcome
April 25th-26th 2014.
Earlybird booking ONLY £169pp*
or £154pp if you choose to bring your own meals (this would mean missing out on the animal butchery section and morning breakfast)
*£189pp from December 17th onwards (£174 with meal less option).

The weekend is put together as one journey of discovery from start to finish, here you will partake in:
Rock climbing & Abseiling
Two activities in one three hour session. This will take place at Dancing Ledge along the Jurassic coast!  The session will be hands on so that as many people are active as possible at a time, climbing, belaying or abseiling with nothing but you, a cliff and the ocean below. We can’t think of a more dramatic location.

Trek Of The Wild
A map, a compass, a series of trials, and a journey of discovery through Purbeck, and along part of the stunning Dorset Coast.

Bush craft
Our instructor will advise on the best materials in the area to build a shelter from and then help participants to create these so they are habitable for the night. The session will include skills such as fire lighting to get the campfire going, which we would later cook on, and animal butchery, which involves preparing game such as wood pigeon, rabbit, pheasant, salmon or other shellfish, and will culminate in a meal cooked over the campfire (Please note there is a vegetarian option for those that wish to not participate in this section, we would encourage you to concentrate on the fire lighting and foraging for night survival instead).

A series of team games designed to test your resolve, in the middle of the night, out in the wild. Not for the faint hearted.

The Call Of The Wild
A primal wake up call at dawn that will reenergize you, and make you feel alive.

Raft building
The raft building is a team challenge (normally two teams racing against each other over 3 hours). Participants are given barrels, rope and wood to construct a vessel fit for the sea. Teams then have to race their rafts on completion on the sea. Who needs wheels?

Price includes:
All of the above, evening meal and breakfast only. Please let us know on booking if you require a vegetarian option or you wish to bring your own.

Spaces are limited. A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure your place, with the remainder to be paid no later than March 21st 2014. You can pay in installments if you wish after paying your deposit.

For more information or to book your space email or phone us on 07513 376288

law of jungle

Do I provide my own bedding?
Yes you do. A sleeping bag will suffice, but if you feel you need it you can bring a roll mat too! Those that are really game though can just use the envirnoment around them to keep warm and survive the night.

What clothing will I need?
Please bring clothing for all elements. You will be getting wet and you will need to keep warm.

Do I have to participate in all activities?
No! It’s entirely up to you, but this is a Survival experience so you will be encouraged to.

Do you provide catering?
An evening meal and breakfast are included in the price, please let us know if you require a vegetarian option. You may want to bring a survival lunch for Saturday.

Will I have to kill anything?
No! But your meal will be provided as fresh as they come!

Will you provide transportation between activities?
Certain activities may require it. For those willing we will sort out drive sharing where needed, or you can drive yourself when we are unable to travel by foot.

Do I have to have a certain fitness level?
Survival is suitable for men & women, ages 18+ and all fitness levels. You may find some of the activities hard work without a basic level of fitness, and a good confidence in swimming is advisable too, but if you choose not to that is fine.

What will I get from this weekend?
Bar an adrenaline fueled awe-inspiring weekend full of natural highs and making new friends, you will have access to photographs and a mini film made up of the whole experience to share with friends and family to humbly brag about.

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