Breathe: Freestyle Fitness Yoga starts November 12th at 8:40pm – 9:30pm and is £6 per session.

Breathe: Freestyle Fitness Yoga starts November 12th at 8:40pm – 9:30pm and is £6 per session. Session is limited to 16 people. Included in cost to Wild Card members. To book your space message, call or do so at your next session smile emoticon More days and times will be added in the new year once our second premises has launched.

Breathe: Freestyle Fitness Yoga targets flexibility, stability and strength. It is a fitness programme that incorporates deep stretch, yoga postures and modern evidence based fitness practices.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga Instructors are taught how to understand Yoga postures from an anatomical and physiological perspective. This means that they can provide a unique stand-point on traditional Yoga. They understand their students potential for strength gains and their limitations for flexibility resulting in constant progression.

FFY instructors are all innovative and unique, they are taught to quietly and mindfully mentor their students by coaching and progressing each individual within a group as they want class participants to understand their bodies potential and be the best that they can possibly be.

What is FFY?
FFY is a fitness program that incorporates stretch, strength & Yoga postures. Every element of FFY is validated from a fitness perspective. Any one taking part in a FFY class can expect to improve their strength and flexibility, seeing the benefits within 8 weeks. They will learn how to understand their bodies and begin to move more effectively and efficiently, improving posture, self awareness and confidence. It is a brilliant way to tone up your entire body and also help to prevent injuries due to changes in your flexibility.

FFY is:
• suitable for all levels of fitness and for both men and women
• suitable for both beginners and more advanced participants
• a mixture of standing and seated exercises

How does FFY differ from traditional Yoga?
FFY concentrates on movement, breathing, transitions from one posture to another and progression. There is no dogma, chanting or use of Sanskrit terms as postures are prescribed from a modern fitness perspective. We adopt a mindful method of teaching that reflects the Buddhist traditions of Yoga in a more contemporary and social environment. We avoid prescription of extreme postures that exceed optimal ranges of motion in favour of individual strengths and performance. During FFY moves and postures can be sequenced together to the beat of the music making transitions seamless and graceful.

Who is FFY appropriate for?
FFY is designed with you in mind, creating a powerful programme of strength, endurance and flexibility. We fuse traditional Yoga postures with contemporary Fitness principles allowing you to own your practice and release the modern Yogi. Yoga allows you to find an equilibrium state in body and mind, FFY champions your skills and offers an understanding of your limitations. You will achieve personal peace and perfection through your workout with

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