X-SERIES is a progressive Kettlebell and Cross-Training class. Using a combination of plyometrics, calisthenics, interval training, explosive movements and Spartan style training (including the use of Kettlebells and Olympic bars), we will super-charge your athletic abilities while simultaneously developing world-class conditioning.

You will take your training to another level, and be inspired by our regular ‘X-SERIES Event Night’ where as a team you will discover, rise above and overcome the challenge that lies ahead, be it in our grounds or off the beaten track.

The class structure will be constantly changed to keep you on your toes. We will focus on breathing techniques and the technical aspects of all exercises, and work together to learn and master new ones, while at the same time concentrate on and develop old.

For further self progression you will have the opportunity to compete in Kettlebell Girevoy Competitions throughout the country, or partake in ones arranged by us, and as ever we’ll be tackling any major events thrown our way with our ‘Wolf Pack’ from Half Marathons to Obstacle Races and beyond.

This class has been designed to be the perfect compliment to our KBX (Kettlebell X-Train) sessions, but it will not be for all. Kettlebells will start at 12Kg for women, and 16kg for men. Olympic bars are not for the faint hearted, and our event nights will challenge you physically and mentally, but, don’t let that put you off…

At Affinity we train athletes, we train professionals, we train INDIVIDUALS. The common thread binding our members is will to suffer, to throw former selves on the fire, to overcome and to change. We will inspire you to train hard, take risks, make friends and live life. You’ll be amazed at what you are capable of, and in turn will lead a better life.

Spaces are limited to 12 people, if you would like to reserve one please message us now either via email at  info@affinitywellbeing.com or Facebook.

The first class will be held at the United Reform Church, Frome at 7:30pm, October 29th and is £5 per session, or £17.00 for 4 back-to-back sessions or dates agreed on when payment is made. Cancellations must be made at least 24hrs prior to class if you pay per session or you will be charged for your space should you wish to attend on a later date. For those already doing ‘bulk bookings’ with us a new fee is currently being sorted to take this in to account if you wish to add X-SERIES in to your training regime too.

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